Secret Shopper

Rate of pay: $11.50 per hour, paid bi-weekly. Each shop should take an hour (Up to $10.00 for food, per shop via Hawkeye Card)

Work location: Varies by Location, Burge Residence Hall

Department: University Housing & Dining (UH&D)

Status: Currently hiring

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Before applying for this job, please check the qualifications and training requirements for this position.

What you will learn

You can expect to learn skills such as time management, conflict resolution, balancing priorities, managing finances, interpersonal communication, customer service experience, and working with people from diverse backgrounds and working as part of a team. Although your job in the Division of Student Life may not be directly related to your future profession, the skills you learn here will help you in your chosen career path and give you valuable work experience to strengthen your resume.

Basic job function

Visit all Campus Convenience Stores, Market Places, & Campus Cafes, posing as a casual shopper to collect a variety of information, including but not limited to, quality of food, variety of food items available, display, presentation, service and cleanliness of the operation.


  •  Assists in evaluating food quality, service and facility cleanliness while completing one evaluation for each shopping event.
  •  Shoppers will be expected to rate their experience via a 1 to 5 scale using provided rating guidelines as well as thoroughly provide details of their experience via the comment sections.
  •  Describe all items taken or purchased from the Market Places, Campus Cafe's, or C-stores.
  •  Fully complete and submit 5 shopping events each week.
  •  Shops to include designated locations and specified times each week.
  •  Assist with specialized shops for designated locations and times based on past shopping events.
  •  Complete one survey within 24 hours for each shopping event.
  •  Remain unbiased when rating each shopping event.
  •  Keep the nature of the position confidential from dining/retail store staff and do not share your experiences with other customers or share their evaluations of our services within your shops as it is based your experience.
  •  Demonstrate civil and respectful interactions with others.
  •  Other administrative duties, as assigned.

Work hours

  •  Five shopping events each week. You should punch in via TreeRing mobile app once you enter the building that the shop will be occurring in. Punch out via TreeRing mobile app after you submit the shop. Each shop should be no longer than 1 hour.
  •  Each shopping event will be during one of the specified time periods: breakfast (7am-11am), lunch (11am-4pm), dinner (4pm-9pm), and late night (9pm-11:59pm).


  •  Enrolled as a student at the University of Iowa (during academic year).
  •  Detail oriented individual that has a passion for food and/or hospitality.
  •  Demonstrated commitment to improving the dining experience on campus.
  •  Must be a motivated self-starter and able to complete tasks with minimal supervision.
  •  Good communication skills (verbal and written) and be positive and respectful in working with a diverse population.
  •  Must be dependable and reliable.

Training requirements

  •  Cash Handling
  •  Criminal Background Check upon hire

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