Graphic Designer

Rate of pay: $10.50/hour

Work location: Iowa Memorial Union

Department: Vice President for Student Life (VPSL)

Status: Currently hiring

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What you will learn

Student Life Communications creates a real-world ad agency environment for up and coming marketers, communicators, designers, photographers, bloggers, animators, coders, illustrators, and videographers. We strive to hire outstanding and talented students studying in different areas of the university and will help you grow in your specific field. As a student, we highlight you as our greatest resource to tap into what college students want when it comes to communicating on-trend messaging and creative work. Your work will be featured within the Division of Student Life and throughout the campus community. The skills you learn here will help you in your chosen career path and give you valuable work experience to strengthen your portfolio, resume, and self-branding. Our goal is to help you grow into exceptional students, as well as focused creatives, that will lead the way in your professions after graduation. We also offer alumni connections and two speaker series each year as outreach to build your communication in the marketing, design, communication, and digital community. You can expect to learn skills such as time management, conflict resolution, balancing priorities, managing finances, interpersonal communication, customer service experience, working with people from diverse backgrounds, and working as part of a team. The skills you learn in your job within the Division of Student Life will help you in your chosen career path and give you valuable work experience to strengthen your resume and portfolio. With the completion of applicable paperwork, this role qualifies for internship status.

Basic job function

As a student graphic designer, you will prepare original posters, banners, brochures, table tents, flyers, advertisements, logos, campaigns, online graphics, social media teasers, digital screen displays, greeting cards, original artwork, including story specific illustrations and point of purchase retail displays, and signage for the Division of Student Life, external clients, and as requested by your supervisor. Occasionally, you may attend photoshoots and provide creative insight for marketing endeavors. You will work with a team of creative students and professionals to produce cutting edge designs, allowing you to communicate, share ideas, and inspire creativity among your peers. You also will get hands on experience using the University of Iowa brand standards and how to work within brand guidelines.


  •  Assist in the creation and visualization of ideas graphically for marketing and public relation materials and displays related to the Division of Student Life and external clients.
  •  Assist in photoshoots and adjusting digital photos for printing and website purposes.
  •  Develop work that is press-ready (ability and eagerness to learn how to do so).
  •  Communicate with team members and clients on work flow status.
  •  Ability to communicate your design process and decisions to supervisors.
  •  Successfully implement design feedback regarding process and graphic decisions.
  •  Consult with marketing representatives on the implementation of marketing concepts and their translation into design qualities.
  •  Ability to keep workspace clean and organized.
  •  Professional and trustworthy conduct is required. Must be courteous and respectful to fellow employees and clients.

Work hours

  •  This position is limited to up to 20 hours per week (320 hours per semester). Students may work up to 40 hours per week during break periods (spring, summer, fall, and winter) as assigned.
  •  Availability during business hours Monday – Friday is preferred. Various hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


  •  Candidates must be enrolled as a student at the University of Iowa majoring in art or graphic design. (Exceptions are made if student exhibits talent in the field but is majoring in a different specialty).
  •  Resume and portfolio required.
  •  Experience or knowledge of following design software: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.
  •  Experience or knowledge in the use of digital cameras, scanners and adjusting photos and scans in Photoshop.
  •  Strong attention to detail and craft.
  •  Good communication skills.
  •  Able to receive feedback in a positive and effective manner, while taking pride in own work.
  •  Ability to interact with diverse groups through a variety of situations.
  •  Ability to follow instructions.
  •  Prompt and dependable, self-starter and team-player.
  •  Ability to perform routine tasks without being prompted.
  •  Fine Art skills such as painting, sculpture, animation, Illustration, photography etc. are strongly desired. Something that sets you apart from the crowd!
  •  Ability to make a one-year commitment.

Training requirements

  •  IMU Student Orientation
  •  IMU Emergency Response Staff
  •  Fleet Safety
  •  Student Life Communications Orientation

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