Aquatic Equipment Technician II

Location: Campus Recreation & Wellness Center and Field House
Rate of pay: $10.50/hour
Hiring status: Currently hiring
Open to non-UI students: No

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The Event Technician II for University of Iowa Recreational Services is responsible for the training and supervision of the Equipment Technician staff as it relates to the routine care, maintenance, operation, and management of all Aquatic Center computer and electronic equipment including Audio/Video systems, scoreboards, and timing system equipment. The Equipment Technician Supervisor is either present or assigns equipment technicians to be present at all Aquatic Center competitive and recreational events during which technical equipment is used. The Equipment Technician Supervisor ensures that competent oversight and troubleshooting of technical equipment is available at all Aquatic Center events during which it is used. In addition, the Equipment Technician Supervisor is responsible for routine care, maintenance, and management of all Aquatic program pool and safety equipment in the University of Iowa CRWC Aquatic Facilities and Field House Pool.


• Train and supervise 4-8 Aquatic Equipment Technician I staff in the maintenance and operation of Aquatic Event Management systems.
• Train and supervise 4-8 Aquatic Equipment Technician I staff in the routine care, maintenance, and management of all Aquatic Program and pool equipment.
• Develop a full understanding of the Aquatic Center’s electronic timing system, video display, audio/video system in order to troubleshoot any technical problem.
• Interact with Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo officials to ensure timing/scoring system is set up properly for respective competitions.
• Event preparation and pool deck setup for Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo competitions and for recreational events, programs, and activities.
• Assist with pool configuration changes
• Setup Daktronics timing system for Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo competitions and practices.
• Operation of Aquatic Event Management software programs, including but not limited to Daktronics Omnisport Pro Swim and Omnisport Pro Dive, Daktronics Water Polo Timing & Scoring system, Hy-tek Swim Meet Manager software, and meet management software.
• Operation of Daktronics Video Display control software—Daktronics Content Studio and Display Studio.
• Setup and operation of public address systems, audio/video equipment used during aquatic events
• Troubleshoot problems and malfunctions of timing system, display system, and audio system during aquatic events.
• Equipment maintenance and repair.
• Maintain competitive pool equipment to meet NCAA Swimming & Diving, USA Swimming, USA Diving, FINA, and USA Water Polo rules and regulations.
• Organize pool equipment inventory.
• Determine equipment inspection and cleaning schedules and assign staff to complete.


• Needs to have student status
• Excellent computer and technical skills required.
• Operational knowledge of competitive aquatic events (Swimming, Diving, and/or Water Polo) strongly desired.
• Understanding of NCAA Swimming & Diving, USA Swimming, USA Diving, FINA, and USA Water Polo rules and regulations as they relate to competition setup for aquatic events.
• Outstanding customer service skills and ability to interact with diverse groups through a variety of situations.
• Competent and knowledgeable in the operation of computer hardware, software, and audio-visual equipment.
• Ability to lift and move heavy pool equipment including but not limited to starting platforms, diving boards, touchpads, stanchions, ADA pool lifts, lane line reels, tip and roll bleachers, and water polo goals.
• Ability to use independent judgment.
• Strong problem-solving and technical equipment troubleshooting skills.
• Must be able to accommodate a variable work schedule that may include early mornings, late evenings, weekends and University breaks (e.g. Thanksgiving, Spring Break & Summer).
• Minimum of 6 months or 100 event hours working as an Aquatic Equipment Technician I
• Experience working as an Aquatic Equipment Technician I during a minimum of two collegiate swimming meets, two collegiate diving meets, one USA Swimming/Club meet, and one USA Diving/Club meet.
• Assist with a minimum of one pool configuration change during which the pool bulkheads are moved.
• Functional knowledge of Hy-tek Swim Meet Manager software.
• Must have completed a Daktronics Venus 7000 and Show Control Training.
• Ability to use Daktronics Content Studio to create/edit videoboard data and graphics templates.
• CPR/AED for Lifeguards (or Professional Rescuer) preferred, can be acquired after hire

Training requirements

• Recreational Services Employee Orientation

What you will learn:

You can expect to learn skills such as time management, meeting goals, enlisting help to other members on staff, and working with people from diverse backgrounds as well as part of a team. Although your job in the Division of Student Life may not be directly related to your future profession, the skills you learn here will help you in your chosen career path and give you valuable work experience to strengthen your resume.

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