Catering Delivery Driver Lead

Rate of pay: $12.03/hour

Work location: Iowa Memorial Union

Department: University Housing & Dining (UH&D)

Status: Currently hiring

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Before applying for this job, please check the qualifications and training requirements for this position.

What you will learn

You can expect to learn skills such as time management, conflict resolution, balancing priorities, attention to detail, interpersonal communication, customer service experience, and working with people from diverse backgrounds and working as part of a team. Although your job in the Division of Student Life may not be directly related to your future profession, the skills you learn here will help you in your chosen career path and give you valuable work experience to strengthen your resume.

Basic job function

Perform a variety of tasks involved in the delivery, set-up, and pick up of deliveries for catered events.


  •  Gather and pack all food and equipment necessary for delivery event.
  •  Deliver food, beverages, and equipment to designated areas.
  •  Set-up and pick-up of catering events as scheduled.
  •  Load and unload delivery vans and trucks.
  •  Respond to inquiries from customers in a courteous manner.
  •  Record information for billing and production.
  •  Assist in on-the-job training of student employees.
  •  Stock and clean work areas and related equipment.
  •  Return dishes, utensils, etc. to the kitchen for cleaning.
  •  Cover, label, and store food in proper storage area following service period.
  •  Perform related duties as assigned.
  •  Stay on time and follow delivery and cart schedule.


  •  aintain the University Fleet Safety Program driving standards.
  •  Enrolled a student at the University of Iowa (during academic year).
  •  Must be 18 years of age.
  •  Must be able to move up to 40 lbs.
  •  Must be able to work evenings, early mornings, and weekends and be flexible in scheduling from week to week.
  •  Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) and be positive and respectful in working with a diverse population.
  •  Must be dependable and reliable
  •  Must be able to work through finals week
  •  Motivated self-starter and able to complete tasks in a timely manner with minimal supervision
  •  Demonstrated commitment to GREAT customer service.

Training requirements

  •  Safety Training for Dining Students
  •  Driver’s License Check upon hire

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