Iowa Memorial Union

Thousands of students, faculty, and staff visit the IMU every day, making it a central and vital part of campus life. Working in the IMU allows you the chance to make hundreds of connections every year with anyone who walks in those front doors. No matter what position you work at in the IMU, you will have a direct impact on keeping a vital part of campus running.  

University Housing & Dining

Housing and Dining is a great place to meet all of the different students that are a part of our campus community. Whether you are greeting students at the front desk or prepping meals for one of the dining halls you can make connections with students and families from all over. 

Recreational Services

The Department of Recreational Services is an integral part of the Hawkeye tradition.  They offer positions in different locations throughout campus. There are many ways to advance in your position at the CRWC.  You can work your way into being an instructor for numerous different activities, you can work as a lifeguard for the pools, or you could be employed at the CRWC Power Cafe. 

Student Health & Wellness 

Student Health & Wellness delivers quality healthcare and promotes healthy lifestyles to enrich the lives of University of Iowa students. Working for Student Health allows you to be an advocate for your fellow Hawkeyes on how to live their best and healthiest lives. 

Women's Resource & Action Center

WRAC works to create greater equity for individuals and communities of all identities, with a particular focus on women, through activism, social justice initiatives, leadership training, advocacy, service, and personal and professional development.

Center for Student Involvement and Leadership

The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership administers several programs that provide valuable services to the UI student body.  These services include Student Legal Services, Office Campus Housing Service, and Student Credit & Money Management Service.

Student Disabilities Services

The Student Disabilities Services strives to ensure a fair learning environment where students are able to succeed based on their own efforts and initiative. Their staff aspires the UI be a learning facility where students are unhampered in their academic pursuits by disadvantages associated with their particular disability. 

Vice President for Student Life

The Division of Student Life fosters student success by creating and promoting inclusive educationally purposeful services and activities within and beyond the classroom. Working for the VP will allow you to see the inner workings of a University office. 

Dean of Students 

The goal of the Dean of Students is to engage students, support positive community behavior, and enrich the college experience through educationally-purposeful activities, service, and community building. Working for the Dean of Students will give you insight to all of these goals and be a representative of this office. 

Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement

Multicultural and International Student Support and Engagement is committed to supporting student success on the University of Iowa campus through planned activities at the four UI Cultural and LGBTQ Resource Centers, annual diversity programs, and student organization events.